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Creating and owning a website is a must for anybody aiming to make an impact through writing or making money online, but it becomes difficult when terms like coding, html, php, hosting are mentioned which are completely strange to a newbie
Relax; I am here with the simplest procedure to take you step-by-step of creating, configuring and designing your WordPress website and start posting to it in 20 minutes.
This is a FREE TUTORIAL I created for setting up your WEBSITE on your own – no previous knowledge required. Provided you understand basic English instructions, you’re a good to go!
I can guarantee it will only take a few minutes of your time – like 20 to 25 minutes, depending on how fast you can learn.
You would be so excited with yourself once you are done with the design you come up with that you would almost believe you can achieve anything with your genius – and you’d be right.
Who knows, you can even start making extra bucks yourself designing people’s website armed with the skills you’d learn here. In fact, let me shock you!
There are some special marketing credits worth a whooping sum of $200USD that you stand to gain, courtesy iPage – as a thank you gift – once you’re done with the design using the services I recommend. If you like, you can use your gift to have access to great online marketing guides and offer, Yahoo!/Bing search credits (worth $100) and Google Adwords (worth $100) – the choice is yours!
You can’t get this kind of offer anywhere. People that are smart and informed get it every day. But the problem is – not everyone is smart and not everyone is informed.
To make you understand, I used enough screenshots and images.
DISCLAIMER: Please be informed before we proceed that I worked so hard, spent hours, money and energy just to produce this tutorial. When you make a purchase on anything I recommend, I am paid a commission – you know, to buy myself a drink (at no extra cost to you).
Let’s begin, can we?
To create your website, you need two things:
1. Domain name: This is the name you desire to give your website. e.g. or
2. Hosting Account: This is where your website resides online. It’s like securing a land for building house or a company. And this time, it’s your online presence we are building.
The web-host I use and recommend is iPage
The reason I endorse them is simple. I have tasted their service. And I am still using them with no itch whatsoever. They’re simply awesome!
iPage offers incredible services at an affordable rate. They also give you a lot of FREE amazing and expensive bonuses LIKE;
·         UnlimitedDisk Space
·         Unlimited Email Addresses
·         Unlimited MySQL Databases
·         FREE Domain Registration
·         FREE Security Suite
·         FREE Site-Building Tools
·         FREE Online Store.
   HOST Unlimited Domains
FREE Email Address
FREE SSL Certificate
The FREE Domain Registration that comes with iPage is so considerably fair of them. You see, some hosts sell theirs around ($15USD). ipage also offers a service so awesome that their regular price for hosting more than 1 million customers worldwide is around ($131.88) per year.
Yet, they’re so damn sure you will love their service consequently that as a new customer, they offer you an incredible or slash in their regular price of $11/month hosting plan, making you pay a token of just $3.5/month or $1.99/month respectively for all those offer, depending on your luck.
But you have to be smart and quick to grab this offer before it goes back to its regular price. And they may not run this promo again until another long, long time.
And guess what? If after your first year, you decide you don’t like their service, you can terminate your hosting with them and no billing will be accrued ever again – but I can guarantee this will not happen.
So, let’s get down to the tutorial.
Want the lowest price (don’t worry, it’ll open in a new window) and you’d be taken to a page that looks like this;

·         Just Click on “Sign Up Now”.
·         Then, you’d be taken to this page; Click on “Register a new domain” and enter your desired domain name e.g.
·         com or

Then click on “Check Availability” to see if the domain you typed is not and has not been used. If it’s available, it will pop up the next page otherwise you’d be asked to enter another domain name. When you’re finally cleared,
·         Fill in your unique personal details and a correct MasterCard details without the spaces in-between,
·         the ones you’ve never used for transaction with iPage before. Remember that the zip code for Nigeria is either 00176 or 110001 or 2002340. If you’re a non-Nigerian citizen, you can search your country’s zip code online in 1 sec.
·         In the county segment, choose the topmost option i.e. “None International”
·         NB: The “Card Security Code” in the “Payment Information” isn’t your ATM card password. It is the three digits’ number at the back of your card.

·         Make sure you uncheck “Domain Privacy,” “Site Protection” and “Site Backup” as you don’t need them. You do not want to be charged for what you don’t need, trust me.
·         Remember to pick your interested number of term at the segment where you see “iPage Essential Hosting Plan:” by clicking that little black arrow pointing down at the extreme right. Can you see that? Great!
·         Then click “Checkout” when you see the exact money for your purchase being displayed i.e. $35.88 a year depending on the promo available i.e. 70 or 80% slash as I have explained earlier, remember? Please do the calculation yourself. Anything more isn’t right. Go back and see if you’ve unchecked those extras. You don’t need them
·         Rarely, they may request you send a snapped copy of your identification card (like your National ID, International Passport, Driving License or simply school ID or work ID card). This is to prove it is you and not some scammers trying to use your billing information.
·         If the next page shows “Getting Started,” then congratulation, your transaction is successful. You’ll be asked some questions. Just click “No Thanks” to skip them. I’m serious, click “NO THANKS”
·         On the next page, you’ll be requested to buy some other things. Just scroll down and click “No Thanks”.
·         On the next page, click “Log in”.
·         Choose a security question and answer. Then, choose a password, and click “Save & continue”.
NB: If you encounter any difficulty here, you can send me mail to Anything you need, you only need to ask.
Step 2: Installing WordPress CMS on your domain name
NB: Don’t confuse WordPress CMS with This is the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).
·         After you’ve set your password as described above, your hosting account control panel is displayed.
·         Locate and click the icon W, “WordPress

·         On the next page, click “Start”.
·         Pick the edition of your domain name. The one without “www” and click “Check Domain”.

·         The page prompts you that something already exists on the domain name. Check the box and click “Check Domain” again.

·         Click the icon “Show advanced options” and fill in your details i.e. site name, username, password and email address. Please note that the username is permanent and cannot be changed, ever. The password could be the same to the one you chose before in step #1 or a different one. You’ll be using the username and password as your login credentials whenever you want to login to your back office to make any changes on your website.
·         Tick the terms and conditions and agree. Then click “Install Now”. Your installation should be completed in a moment.

Step 3: Login to your WordPress site and publish your first post
·         Go to “” (replace “yourwebsite” with your domain name) and login to your blog using the username and password you chose earlier when you installed WordPress in Step 2 above.                                

·         After you have logged in, in the left side of the displayed screen (your dashboard), you will see some menus. Among the menus, click on Then hover your mouse on the Theme and choose from the thousands of free themes available in your WordPress account.
·         You can Preview the themes before choosing the one you like best. Then,
·         Among the menus again, click on “Posts” and click “Add New” from the sub-menus that will pop out.

·         You will notice two tabs (spaces) on the screen that would load, one narrow and the other wide.
·         Enter the title of your post in the first tab and paste the content of your post in the second tab and hit Publish” icon in the right side.

·         A page would be shown when it has finished loading. Click the “View post” icon to see the published post as it would be displayed to your site’s visitors.
Congratulations! You just publish a post on the website you created.
Now that I have helped in setup your website, you can also reward my good work by telling your other smart friends about it and show them this website setup for them to do the same. And you can hit the share button below to tell your social friends about it.  I’m counting on you.
Stay awesome. And have a nice experience with your new blog.

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