I feel Somehow when I see folks requesting for domain sales letter because I feel that knowledge of Domain Selection should constitute 70% of our domaining skill and 30% for domain marketing which Sales Letter is a tool for.
To determine what makes a good domain I suggest the following;
(A) Visit and see what sells everyday also click on sold domain one by one to check past similar sales.
(B) Type ‘Good Domain Name Selection’ to search bar on and see the result.
(C) Go to Buyer Requests page on namepros and see what buyers are interested in buying; it may influence your domain selection idea
(D)Type “how to select good domain name” on Google search and fill yourself with the information obtained.
(E)  Signup with and receive weekly notification of top domain sales – it helps
(F)  Read at least first 50 pages of ‘what makes money online’ thread on business section of Nairaland forum. I have never missed the content of any page.
(G)There are 50 States in the United States and 332 Cities, match cities at random with product such as home, insurance, generator est.  Example, until you can see available domain. Also you can pair the cities at random with services such as roofing service, carpet cleaning service, car hire service example try several cities until you can have available domain
   Go to type and search for price value of your domain, leave the estimated price but importantly consider other attributes like domain length, interest, searches, and available extensions.
(H)Check if this link if it is find useful
I promise to update this page regularly as I make more discoveries
Your feedback and comment will be highly appreciated

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