Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Pharmacology; A Wonderful and Amazing Career

Pharmacology is the study of the effects, which chemicals have on living things. It deals with how drugs modify tissues and functions of organs in the body. Pharmacology is linked with biology and chemistry. Those who take career in pharmacology are called pharmacologists. Pharmacologists are concerned with the analysis of the active part of a material or chemical and how it should be separated and used as drug or medicine. The job focuses on development of new drugs. The branch of Pharmacology that relates to poison is called Toxicology.
       A Pharmacology degree provides you an understanding of medicines, their sources, chemical properties, biological effects and therapeutic uses. You explore drug interactions in biological systems.
It equally equips you with skills such as;
Good organizational skills
Ability to design, retrieve and interprete complex data
Critical analytical and problem solving skills
Career Prospects
        A pharmacology degree offers prospects for research career in academia, industry, the scientific, civil service and hospitals. You can work in the product management side of the industry or in areas such as marketing and medical information, acting as the link between pharmaceutical companies and doctors and patients.
       Experts in pharmacology can be found useful in areas such as;
Clinical trials
Regulatory affairs
Sales and marketing
Scientific writing
Common employers of pharmacology graduates include;
1.  Ministry of health
2.  Research laboratories and institutes
3.  Department of health and social care
4.  National health service
5.  Government Corporations and agencies
6.  Hospitals Drug manufacturing firms
7.  Pharmaceutical and biotech companies
8.  Teaching Hospitals
9.  International organizations e.g. WHO, UNICEF
10.              Teaching and research in the Universities
Qualifying subjects
English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and biology
Note; Pharmacology is offered in the faculty of Medical and Pharmaceutical studies. The programme of study lasts duration of five years.
Big Advantage
Bachelor’s degree in pharmacology can be used to apply to medical school to study medicine     

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