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      CIVIL Engineering as the oldest of the main vocation in Engineering involves planning and supervision of the construction of buildings, bridges, waterways, streets, highways, and sewerage systems. Other project includes railroads, tunnels, dam canals, airports, aqueducts, levees, and irrigation system. Career in civil engineering include several other skills of important vocations. Such as city planning, highway engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, sanitary engineering, hydraulic engineering. Those who take career in this engineering are called CIVIL ENGINEERS. During the training they would be taught about the soils and rocks so that they can design foundation. They equally become familiar with the many materials they used in the structure they built. Civil engineers must understand the use of bulldozer, power shovel, cranes, and other construction equipments. Civil engineers also work on such man – made structures such as the frame work of automobiles, airplanes and missiles.

Career Opportunities Areas
1.  Civil Engineering Firms; A civil Engineer can be can be employed in a civil engineering firm to join their team of consulting engineers
2.  Ministry of Works and Housing; Civil Engineering graduate is employed in the ministry of works and housing to work with other team of engineers to carry out the planning and execution of government projects.

3.  Architectural Firms; A civil Engineering graduate can work in Architectural firm to complement the design work of architects giving inputs related to his area of specialization.

4.  Property Development and Housing Corporation; Civil Engineers are employed in the field of property development to evaluate the cost of properties and see to the development and management of building and related properties with view to ensure that they conform with international standard practices.
5.  Construction Industries;  Construction industries needs the service of civil engineers to supervise site work  ensuring that craftsmen work to standard specifications –Quality Control

6.  Local Government Councils (Director of Works); Civil Engineering graduate can be employed in the engineering department of local government and rise to the position of Director of Works

7.  Teaching and research in colleges, polytechnics and Universities; If a graduate of civil engineering is interested in teaching job, he can pursue his studies further to master’s and doctorate degree and be employed to teach in higher colleges or University
8. Educational institutions (Maintenance / Planning Unit)
NOTE: This program me last duration of five years with the degree award of bachelor of engineering B.BNG (HONS) or bachelor of technology (Be. Tech) in civil engineering
Qualifying Subjects
English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, plus any of the following; Geography, Economics, add Math, Technical Drawing, Biology 

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