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BOTANY : Study of Plants is Our Business

Activities involved in the career
        Botany is that branch of science that concerns itself with the sciences of the world of plants. It is one of the important parts of Biology which deals with all living things. Botany focuses every aspect of plants. In investigates where they live and how they grow. Those who take career in Botany are usually called BOTANISTS.   
       Botany as a subject is related to the study of plants and a career in it would mean studying in dept about fungi, algae, plants, disease, growth, metabolism and structure between different groups.
       Career Opportunity and Job Prospects
One can be a part of any reputed organization as a plant explorer, conservationist, ecologist, environmental consultant, horticulturists, plant biochemist, nursery manager, molecular biologist, plant pathologist, environmental consultant and family consultant.
The knowledge of plant sciences is essential for development and management of forest, parks, waste land, sea wealth etc. 
Few of the industries while one can work with one 
·       Chemical industries
·       Food companies
·       Arboretum
·       Forest services
·       Biotechnology firms
·       Oil industries
·       Land management industries
·       Seed and Nursery companies
·       Plant health inspector services
·       National parks
·       Biological supply houses
·       Plant resources laboratory
·       Education industries

·       Teaching /Research in the universities
·       Research /Training institute e.g I.I.T.A
·       Ministry of Agriculture & Natural Resources
·       Drug Manufacturing Companies
·       Paper Manufacturing industries
·       National parks
·       Agricultural developmental Banks

Qualifying Subjects                         
English Language – Biology / Agricultural Science – Mathematics –Chemistry
Plus any one of physics and Geography
Institution Training The Prospective Botanists.
West: Lagos State Uni; Uni- Ibadan, Uni- Ilorin,. Obafemi Awolowo. Olabisi Onabanjo. Ado- Ekiti, Babcock University.
East: Almost all the universities 
North: Uni- jos, Uni- Maduguri, Usman Danfodio, FUT- Minna, FUT- Yola, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Adamawa State University.
NOTE: Botany is offered in the faculty of science. The programme lasts for Four years and five years in the universities of technology. Position of research Botanists demand a higher degree.

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