Friday, 13 July 2018

MARKETING: We Make Sales Possible

Marketing involves a set of human activities directed at facilitating and consummating exchanges. It is the management process responsible for identifying; anticipating and satisfying customers need and want s through exchange transaction in the market. Those who take career in Marketing are called Marketers. The marketers identify market 0pportunities through research and investigation. They manage and forecast the rate of supply and distribution of existing and new products. They choose and motivate the channel of distribution. They are responsible for advertising and promotion of products to stimulate potential buyers and customers. They set prices and direct marketing activities.
Manufacturing Industries: Marketers are employed in manufacturing industries to promote their products and achieve target sales.
Commercial Banks: Marketers are employed in commercial banks to serve in sales department to recruit more customers to bank at their various banks
State Ministry of Trade and Commerce: Marketers are employed by the ministry of trade  and commerce because of their role of supervising trading and commercial activities, thus marketers are
send to various trader associations and economic outfits to give seminar on the current and conventional practices
Teaching and Research in Universities, Colleges and Polytechnics: Graduates of Marketing can take up teaching job in colleges or Universities to further advance research work in his field of study and contribute to the training of upcoming marketers
Consulting Firms of Marketers: A graduate marketer can join a team of consultant marketers that offers marketing consultant services to business organizations.
Other Areas of Applications include
Business Organizations
Financial House
Co-operative banks
Mortgage banks

QUALIFYING SUBJECTS: English Language, Mathematics, Economics with any two of Government, geography, Accounting, Commerce, and Business Methods
Note: Marketing is a programme of study in the faculty of Administration, The duration of programme is 4 years and 5 years in the Universities of Technology, some universities offers marketing with purchasing and supply

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