Sunday, 4 March 2018

Mass Recruitment at Defence Space Administration (DSA)

The Defence Space Administration (DSA) has taken steps to tackle the growing unemployment in Nigeria

The agency now seeks to recruit qualified Nigerian civilians of various discipline into the DSA.
Such disciplines include:
1. Mechanical Engineer 2. Electronic and Electric Engineer
3. Civil Engineer 4. Aeronautical Engineer
5. Aerospace Engineer 6. Software Engineer
7. Geographic Information System Engineer 8. Space Researchers 9. Space Scientists 10. Space Technicians
11. Network Administrators 12. Data Analyst
13. Geographic Intelligence Officer 14. Geospatial Analyst
15. Imagery Researcher 16. Satellite System Engineer
17. Radio Frequency Engineer 18. Navigation Engineer
 19. Computer Hardware Engineer 20. Earth Observation Engineer
21. System Security Engineer 22. Incident Investigator
23. Forensic Expert 24. Cryptographer
25. Cyber Incident Responder 26. Cyber Vulnerability Accessor 27. Software Developer 28. Account and Budget Officer
29. Computer Analyst 30. Cyber Security Auditor
31. Position Navigation and Timing Engineer

To apply; interested candidate have been requested to visit for requirements and completion of the enclosed application form.
 The application closes March 10, 2018.

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