Friday, 5 January 2018

International Relations; Where Bright Future Is Guaranteed

International Relations is a branch of political science which concentrates on the systematic study of political life. Those who takes career in International Relations are called International Relations experts. International Relations as a career focuses on diplomacy, international law and international organizations. They deal with the study of vital or important aspects of the modern world such as imperialism and nationalism. The study also centers on defense, policies and wide range of problems connected with peace and war.
INTELLIGENCE SPECIALIST: Graduates of international Relations can be employed by security institutions like military, Navy, State security service or Police force as an intelligence specialist responsible for collection and analysis of operational intelligence data, they maintain intelligence database libraries and files.
DIPLOMAT: International Relations graduates are appointed as diplomats by the External affairs ministry to represent one country in another country.
DEMOGRAPHER: various governmental agencies that has one thing or the other to do with data analysis do empty graduates of International Relations to carry out such activities.
RESEARCH INSTITUTES: Graduate of International Relations are employed in research institutes to carry out various research task that leads to improvement in living.   
POLITICAL ANALYST: Graduate of International Relations are employed by non-governmental organizations or media companies as political analyst to inform about and interpret various political developments, forecast political trends and election results and analyze laws, public policies and government decisions.
INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS: International organizations such as AU (African Unity), ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States), UN (United Nations) do employ graduates of International Relations because of their knowledge of foreign languages and history hence they are find useful to work at any country under their jurisdiction.
TEACHING AND RESARCH IN UNIVERSITIES: Graduate of International Relations can further his studies to the masters and PhD degree levels and be employed as lecturer in any universities to join teaching and research team.  
     Other possible job titles for a graduate of International Relations include.
Economist, Foreign analyst, Immigration Specialist, International marketing Expert, Language Specialist, Journalist.
     QUALIFYING SUBJECTS: are English Language, Mathematics, with any 3 of Government, History, Geography, Literature in English, French, Economics.

     Note: International Relation is offered in the faculty of Admin. The course last duration of 4 years with Honors Degree Award of Bachelor of Science (Hons). 

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