Friday, 26 January 2018

Agricultural Economics; Here is the Base of Economic Growth


Agricultural Economics is a branch of Economics. While economics concentrates on how goods and services get produced, and how they are distributed, Agricultural Economics specially focuses farm management, crop production and other economics aspect of agriculture such as Agricultural financing which deals with those various ways through which cash resources are allocated, to boost production efficiency and output levels. Agricultural Marketing specifically involves all activities dealing with transportation, grading processing, storage and the act of buying and selling. Those who takes career in Agricultural Economics are usually called AGRICULTURAL ECONOMIST.
       These experts help to ensure efficiency and profitable returns on agricultural investment. 
Agricultural Economics may find opportunities in administration, management and financial advising. Other jobs include market price forecaster, agricultural statistician, farm credit analyst, managers of farm supply and commodity analyst.
Many Agricultural Economics pursue successful careers in government service, economic department, commodity promotion.
Agricultural Economics graduates are employed in a wide range of settings including banks, educational institutes and career arear which include;
Entrepreneurship and small business management: you can be your boss by managing your own farm working in family enterprises and managing small business are opportunities in this area
Agribusiness management: you may work in sale management, appraisal research or public relations for business that produce buy, sell, process and distribute agricultural products
Public service: public service is open to Agricultural Economics graduates at the federal, state or local government levels. Careers are in such arears as agricultural production, marketing, finance, conservation etc.
Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions: Agricultural Economics graduates can work for institutions such as commercial and agricultural banks. They make loans, evaluate investment opportunities and appraise property for agricultural purposes
Farm Business Management: Those employed here manage farm operations, work for integrated agricultural firms or own and manage their own farm
International Agriculture and Development Organization Jobs: Job opportunities in international agricultural have multiplied in recent years mostly because of growth of multinational firms and the effort of business foundations and national government to accost developing countries
Teaching and Research in Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities: An Agricultural Economics graduate can take up of teaching career in various colleges of agriculture available, polytechnics or in a university and progress graduating by taking further post-graduate studies
Agricultural Research and Training Institutions: Agricultural Research Institutions like Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN), International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), National Horticulture Research Institution (NHRT), Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IART), and similar agricultural institutes world over do employ graduates of Agricultural Economics is handle various research country   Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria(CRIN)
Qualifying Subjects; English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Agricultural Science or biology, Physics

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