Friday, 26 January 2018

Agricultural Economics; Here is the Base of Economic Growth


Agricultural Economics is a branch of Economics. While economics concentrates on how goods and services get produced, and how they are distributed, Agricultural Economics specially focuses farm management, crop production and other economics aspect of agriculture such as Agricultural financing which deals with those various ways through which cash resources are allocated, to boost production efficiency and output levels. Agricultural Marketing specifically involves all activities dealing with transportation, grading processing, storage and the act of buying and selling. Those who takes career in Agricultural Economics are usually called AGRICULTURAL ECONOMIST.
       These experts help to ensure efficiency and profitable returns on agricultural investment. 
Agricultural Economics may find opportunities in administration, management and financial advising. Other jobs include market price forecaster, agricultural statistician, farm credit analyst, managers of farm supply and commodity analyst.
Many Agricultural Economics pursue successful careers in government service, economic department, commodity promotion.

Friday, 5 January 2018

International Relations; Where Bright Future Is Guaranteed

International Relations is a branch of political science which concentrates on the systematic study of political life. Those who takes career in International Relations are called International Relations experts. International Relations as a career focuses on diplomacy, international law and international organizations. They deal with the study of vital or important aspects of the modern world such as imperialism and nationalism. The study also centers on defense, policies and wide range of problems connected with peace and war.
INTELLIGENCE SPECIALIST: Graduates of international Relations can be employed by security institutions like military, Navy, State security service or Police force as an intelligence specialist responsible for collection and analysis of operational intelligence data, they maintain intelligence database libraries and files.

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