Friday, 18 August 2017

Blogging Business; A very Lucrative Career

No easier means exist on earth to make passive income as blogging. If you are in doubt carefully read this piece
        Blogging is the act of writing and publishing useful content online, it is the bedrock of all online business.
Can I make money blogging?
Yes, of course for the vast majority, it will take some months of hardworking and long hours
To make an income via blogging takes a lot of hard work, commitment and persistence. Having those traits will vastly improve your chances of success.
        One thing blogging does give you is freedom. You can blog when you wish and where you wish and you can start your blogging business alongside working full-time.
        It is one of the easiest and cheapest business to set-up.
Now stop treating writing or blogging as a hobby and start thinking of it as a profession or lifetime career, and not something you do on the side but the center of your life, the reason you exist.
1.  AFFILIATE MARKETTING; This is when bloggers or webmasters get paid for referring someone to buy from othes. This is more profitable in two cases
a.  E-commerce Websites like,,, affiliate programe; A blogger will have to sign-up for their affiliate programme, get his unique affiliate link to promote their products on his blog, send buyers to the site and earn commission in naira or dollars monthly     
b.  Web-Hosting Affiliates; Affiliate with website companies is an untapped goldmine. Some of these hosting affiliates pay as much as 300% in commission to affiliate on each sale. Serious! I am not kidding, check online for the commission of web hosting companies like ipage, bluehost, dreamhost and hostgator for affiliates, you will be amazed.
2.  ADSENSE: This is making money online by almost doing nothing, you only have to register with ad-network site like google adsense, propeller ads, adsmodern e.t.c once your application is approved, they will start showing ads on your website and you get paid commission monthly.
3.  PAID ADVERT: When you have grown your audience and your blog have good regular daily traffic, some sellers or service providers that may want to advertise may approach you to put their advert on your blog and you get paid based on the agreed rate.
4.  WRITING: As a blogger, you can get writing contract for blogs, online or offline journals or magazines and specifically there some websites that are seriously looking for writers, once your article is accepted, you get paid in dollars.
5.  ONLINE MARKETPLACE JOBS; Bloggers can create services (gig) for writing, editing or proof reading in any of the online freelance site and get paid in dollars.
        For you to make endless profit blogging, here are some of the basic requirements;
1.  Computer with internet connection
2.  Blogging orientation
3.  A functional blog, if you don’t have one yet follow this guide to create one
4.  A mail address
5.  Bank account

To your blogging success.

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