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GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING; guiding for perfect future

Activities involved in the career
Guidance and counselling is a branch of psychology, which studies the organized efforts of schools and other institutions such as family, prison, church, hospitals and industries to help clients/ students develop their maximum potential. It focuses processes of helping clients or students with problems so as to effect a desirable change in the life of such individuals in order to realize the desired goals as may be stated in Guidance/ Counselling are called Guidance Counselors/ Therapists/ Rehabilitators.  Therapists or Counselors offer guidance or counselling services in a systematic way that would facilitate the personal development of individuals. They develop valid and reliable tests to measure the intelligence, achievement, interest and personality of the clients. They also use the test to predict the clients’ behaviours or achievements, to select candidates, to classify candidates and evaluate performances of students or clients. Guidance and counselling is a helping profession through which individuals are guided and counselled to make the best possible decision about their lives.
Career Opportunity Areas
1.     Government Agencies: Guidance Counselors are employed as social welfare officers in various government agencies
2.     Hospitals: Guidance Counsellors can be employed as therapist in government or private hospitals to interview patients with regard to environmental or psychological effect on their health conditions and suggest solutions to such problems.
3.     Ministries of Labour and Productivity: Guidance Counsellors are found useful here to manage workers by ensuring judicious use, they can place each person to where he or she can maximally delivers
4.     Educational Institutions e.g secondary schools, colleges, polytechnics and universities: Guidance Counsellors are mostly needed in all schools to give career guide to students by enlightened them on the prospects of their intended choice course
5.     Rehabilitation centers: Therapists or guidance counsellors are employed at these centers to redirect the thoughts and perspectives of the inmates about life generally so that they can change for better.
6.     Employment Agencies; Guidance Counsellors are usually employed by such agencies that facilitates job placement between employers and employees, they can give recommendations as to the suitability of each employees or job seeker for a specific job.
7.     Ministry of Education: Guidance Counsellors are employed by the education department or ministry to handle activities in the counselling unit
8.     Teaching and Research in universities and colleges; Guidance Counsellors can take higher courses of masters or doctorates degree and be qualified to teach in higher institutions of learning.
9.     Counsellor may also establish a private Counselling clinic: Guidance Counsellors can take to be self employed by establishing a private counselling clinic to provide consultation services to people on various life challenges such marriage, home management, career choice, job placement and many more.
10.Writing and publishing books: Guidance Counsellors can easily make a living by writing and publishing books that solve live challenges, market such books properly and earn massive residual incomes
Qualifying Subjects
-         English Language – 1 subject of specialization – 1 subject from Arts
-         1 subject from social sciences – 1 subject from sciences.
NOTE: Degree Awarding of Bachelor of Education is Awarded. Mathematics is essential for all the prospective counsellors who wish to do sciences and economics. Political science, Geography, History,
Mass Communication/ English and Yoruba as field of specializations require government, history, economics, geography, literature and Yoruba respectively.
Duration of the programme is 4 years in the faculty of education. A professional counselor must be registered member of Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON)

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