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ECOLOGY: Maximizing the environmental potential


This is a field of study which concerns itself with the organization of nature. it is that branch of Biology which deals with the relationships that living things have to each other and to their environment.
The expert in this field of study are called Ecologist or Biological Scientists. They study how all living things in an area are related to each other, and to the physical environment of earth, water, air and energy.
These Scientist’s aim is to intelligently manage and control the living and non-living things in the world. They are helping to increase man’s understanding of the world and all its creatures. Their work activities also involve investigating the rate at which man is using up such national resources as coal, gas and oil.
 They try to foresee possible environmental problems such as crop loss, or losses in animal life which building a dam or straightening a river channel may cause. Ecologist also concerns themselves with the world’s increasing population and its decreasing food supply.
 Usually Ecologist study one area such as a forest where plants and animals live together. They use the knowledge from physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science and rely on climatology, meteorology, geology, oceanography to learn about air, land and water environment.     
OIL FIRMS; Ecologist are employed in oil firms to conduct research, apply sampling strategies and employ a range of habitual survey techniques, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positional Systems (GPS), aerial photography records and maps to locate oil resources.    
CONSULTING FIRMS OF ENGINEERS; Ecologists are employed in consulting firms to carry out environmental impact assessments, analyze and interpret data using specialist software programs  
MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES: Ecologists works in Agriculture and Natural resources ministry to contribute ideas about changes in policy and legislation based on ecological findings
TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN THE UNIVERSITIES; Ecologist could undertake research and teaching in schools or in field centers and build relationships with stakeholders including members of the public.
Other possible areas of employment include;  
English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science Plus any of physics or Geography
                This programme is offered in the faculty of science. It last for a period of four years and five years I n the Universities of Agriculture and Technology. Degree award of B. Sc. (Hons) or B. Tech (Hons) is awarded.   

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