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Psychology; Yes, We Are for Social Welfare and Rehabilitation

Activities Involved in the Career
       Psychology is a behavioural science, it studies why human beings, animals behave as they do. Experts who takes career in this field of study are called Psychologist. Psychologist are interested in understanding the whole range of human experience, including the reasons for peoples’ motives, thoughts feelings and emotions. Psychologist deals with all kinds of human behavior both normal and abnormal. Most professional psychologists have philosophy Doctor Degree (Ph. D), or the minimum of Masters (M. SC) degree.
Career Opportunity Areas
Government Ministries
Psychology graduates are employed in government ministries to serve in personnel department and other places where studying human behaviour in relation to their actions are needed, they can foresee possible breakdown of system and offer suggestion for prevention.
Psychologist are employed in government hospitals, private hospitals or Teaching hospitals to handle patients with mental problems, they can also serve in the counselling unit giving useful suggestions to patients on strategies of copying with their conditions
Private Practices
Psychology is a professional course that one can establish a counselling outfit of his or her own offering services such as marriage counselling, career counselling, jobs placement, security outfits and so many other professional practice options.

Rehabilitation Centers
Psychology graduates are employed at rehabilitation centers, social welfare and remand homes to give hopes to the hopeless, re-assuring the condemned that they can still make it despite their situations, the physically challenged people needs the service of psychologist to reshape their thinking about their future.
Industries/ firms (clinics)
Psychologist work in conjunction with medical expert in industries clinics to give complete medical service to the organizations staff.
Non-governmental Organizations:
 Psychologists are employed in various Non-governmental organizations to provide excellent services in handling human problems, reconciliations and rehabilitations
The prison is a place for determined offenders of one crime or the other, Psychologist are employed to re-orientates them as to the needs to do away with criminal activities that landed them in prisons so that when they eventually regain their freedom they can have a change of attitude and live a better life.

 Army, Police:
 Graduates of psychology are hot cakes in security organizations where they are employed to investigates and interrogates offenders and use their psychological knowledge to ascertain the hidden truth on any case at hand. They easily detect suspects motives.

 Research Institutes:
 Research institutes that has to do with human development, economic improvement and social interactions such as Nigeria Social and Economic Research Institute (NISER) requires the services of psychology graduates to carry out effective research works.

Educational Institutions:
All educational institutions must have counselling department or students’ affairs unit to observe, motivate and influence students’ actions so as to maximize their potential for positive result.
Teaching and Research:
A graduate of Psychology can take up career in teaching either in secondary school as Government teacher or tertiary institutions like college of education, polytechnics or University as Psychology or related courses lecturer.

Psychology is a programme of study in the faculty of social sciences, some training institutions requires a credit pass in Mathematics and, or Biology. Psychology as a programme of study lasts a duration of 4 years with the degree award of Bachelors of Science (B.SC. Hons)  
Qualifying Subjects
Five O level credit passes in English Language, Economics, Government plus any two subjects from Arts, Social Science or Science subjects.

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