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Mathematics: Mother of Science

                Activities Involved in the Career
       Mathematics is that study of quantities and relations through the use of numbers and symbols. This field of study includes Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analytic geometry, Calculus, probability and statistics.
       Mathematics offers a useful knowledge and helps in many important areas of study. Mathematics is the gate and key of science. It plays a major role in industry, in research and planning and in engineering projects. It is equally important in business since all transactions involving buying and selling demand the knowledge of mathematics to keep all financial records.
Bankers also use those who are trained in mathematics to handle and invest money. Any person who takes career in mathematics is called Mathematician.
Career Opportunity Areas
Business Organizations
       All business organizations have one motive of profit making, in the process, they need objective analysis of their input to output so as to determine their profitability level hence the service of a mathematician is required
Government Ministries
       Graduates of Mathematics are employed in the statistics and research department of government ministries, they handle records and developmental research works of the ministries
Industrial Firms
       Mathematicians are employed in industrial firms to keep adequate records of materials inputs, human resources utilization, finished products distribution and proceeds documentations.
Consulting Firms of Engineers
       A mathematician can be employed by consulting engineering firms since he is trained to handle research work processes.
Construction Firms
       Construction firms deals with large volume of raw materials will requires the services of Mathematicians to properly handles the recording of such raw materials and good analysis of their utilization
Banks and Financial Houses
       Banks also use those who are trained in mathematics to handle and invest money Since they can handle large volume of data, analyze it and give objective report
Research Institutes and Training Centers
       Research institutes and training centers requires the services of mathematicians as they already have the prerequisite knowledge required to carry out functional research.
Teaching and Research
       Mathematician are always in high demand in teaching especially at the secondary and post-secondary levels to teach mathematics and related courses
Mathematics is offered in the faculty of sciences, duration of the programme is 4 years and 5 years in the Universities of Technology. Degree award of Bachelors of science B.Sc. (Hons) is conferred at the expiration of the study. Some of the universities made Physics compulsory
  Qualifying Subjects
English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Plus any two of Economics, Geography, Further mathematics Biology and Agriculture

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