Thursday, 18 May 2017

LANGUAGE STUDIES; The Pivot of Proper Communication

Language studies deals with the training in reading, writing and speaking in a given language. It also involves the study of the literature or literary traditions of the people using such language.
 Specialist in this field of study are called Language experts. They examine the phonetic aspect of language for the improvement of comprehension. They equally learn about creative writings for the promotion of emotional growth and health.
Language studies help gain knowledge of the customs and ways of life of people of other nations.
It helps to add to the knowledge of one’s own language. Studying or learning a new language helps to unlock new field of knowledge through which the learner discovers what other people have contributed to civilization.
For example, ability to read many great books written in German language will brings forth social opportunity.
  ONLINE TRANSLATION SERVICE; Language expert can offer translation of one language to another online at sites like, Odesk and others and get paid in dollar.
EMBASSY; Language specialist can be employed in the embassy to work with ambassadors and assist in language interpretation and document preparations in other languages.
CIVIL SERVICE; Language experts are employed in all government ministries to handle administrative duties, preparation of reports, information dissemination and so many other tasks which they can conveniently perform.
BANKS: Language experts works in banks, mostly at the customer service department to communicate effectively with customers especially in their local languages.
MEDIA HOUSES: Media houses such as radio, television newspaper and online media organizations requires the services of language experts for effective delivery of their services.
INDISTRIES: Nearly all industries that uses human resources in their production effort will requires the services o f a language expert in their personnel department to be able to effectively coordinates the activities of their employees.
TEACHING AND RESEARCH: Language expert are mostly needed to teach languages at the secondary and post-secondary institutions such as colleges of education, polytechnics and universities.
PUBLISHING FIRMS: Books, Magazines, Journals and Articles publishers definitely requires the services of language experts for proper editing and proofreading of their work before publications.
COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Five O level or equivalent credit passes in English language, Literature in English and any other three from French, Yoruba, Hausa Igbo, C.R.S, I.R.S, History, Government.

N.B. Language studies is a programme of studies at the faculty of arts and it last a duration of four years.

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