Wednesday, 10 May 2017

ECONOMICS; The Real Aid to Trade

                                    ACTIVITIES INVOLVED IN THE CAREER
            Career in Economics concentrates on how goods and services get produced and how they are distributed.   Those who take career in Economics are called Economists. Prospective Economist are expected to take courses in related fields such as History, Political science, and Statistics. Economist have opportunity to specialize in any of the following areas; Industrial Economics, which deals with various forms of business organizations, Economist here analyze production costs, market and investment problems. Agricultural Economics; this is the study of farm management, crop production, and other Economics aspects of Agriculture. Labuor Economics Which studies wages and Salary, labour union, government labour policies, Other areas in Economics include; Taxes, Banking and Finance, International Trade, and Economic Theory.   
LABOUR UNION OFFICES Labour unions like NUPENG, NLC, NUT requires the services of an Economics graduate to handle their office administration procedures and coordination to foster good relationship between them and their employers, this is achieved based on reliable data prepared by an economist

CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT; An Economics graduate can write accounting professional exams and become an accountant who can work in virtually any company.
CHARTERED PUBLIC FINANCE ACCOUNTANT; An Economist can likewise become chartered in public finance accounting and get elevated to any position such as Director in any public institution having write and passed the relevant professional exams.
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FIRMS: An Economist can get job in professional services firms such as PwG, KPMG, etc for training which can turn him to accountant, auditor, tax practitioner e.t.c
BANKING: An Economist can be employed in an investment, or regular banks
LOCAL GOVERNMENTS; A graduate of Economics can be employed in the local governments in the finance department and rise in his or her career to become finance director or director of finance.
TEACHING AND RESEARCH; A graduate of Economics can take up career in teaching either in secondary school as Economics teacher or tertiary institutions like college of education, polytechnics or University as Economics or related courses lecturer.
EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS; A graduate of Economics can be employed in the account department of educational institutions as a bursar preparing wages and salary and other schools related accounts
FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT: A graduate of Economics can be employed by law enforcement Agencies like police, EFCC, state security service as forensic accountant using scientific means to investigate financial crime.
Economics lasts duration of four years with Honuors Degree Award of Bachelors of Science (B.Sc Hons) in the faculty of social science
COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Five O level Credits passes in English Language, Mathematics, Economics and any two of Government, Geography, History, Literature In English, C.R .S and I. R .S.

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