Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Mathematics: Mother of Science

                Activities Involved in the Career
       Mathematics is that study of quantities and relations through the use of numbers and symbols. This field of study includes Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analytic geometry, Calculus, probability and statistics.
       Mathematics offers a useful knowledge and helps in many important areas of study. Mathematics is the gate and key of science. It plays a major role in industry, in research and planning and in engineering projects. It is equally important in business since all transactions involving buying and selling demand the knowledge of mathematics to keep all financial records.
Bankers also use those who are trained in mathematics to handle and invest money. Any person who takes career in mathematics is called Mathematician.
Career Opportunity Areas

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Psychology; Yes, We Are for Social Welfare and Rehabilitation

Activities Involved in the Career
       Psychology is a behavioural science, it studies why human beings, animals behave as they do. Experts who takes career in this field of study are called Psychologist. Psychologist are interested in understanding the whole range of human experience, including the reasons for peoples’ motives, thoughts feelings and emotions. Psychologist deals with all kinds of human behavior both normal and abnormal. Most professional psychologists have philosophy Doctor Degree (Ph. D), or the minimum of Masters (M. SC) degree.
Career Opportunity Areas

Thursday, 18 May 2017

LANGUAGE STUDIES; The Pivot of Proper Communication

Language studies deals with the training in reading, writing and speaking in a given language. It also involves the study of the literature or literary traditions of the people using such language.
 Specialist in this field of study are called Language experts. They examine the phonetic aspect of language for the improvement of comprehension. They equally learn about creative writings for the promotion of emotional growth and health.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

ECONOMICS; The Real Aid to Trade

                                    ACTIVITIES INVOLVED IN THE CAREER
            Career in Economics concentrates on how goods and services get produced and how they are distributed.   Those who take career in Economics are called Economists. Prospective Economist are expected to take courses in related fields such as History, Political science, and Statistics. Economist have opportunity to specialize in any of the following areas; Industrial Economics, which deals with various forms of business organizations, Economist here analyze production costs, market and investment problems. Agricultural Economics; this is the study of farm management, crop production, and other Economics aspects of Agriculture. Labuor Economics Which studies wages and Salary, labour union, government labour policies, Other areas in Economics include; Taxes, Banking and Finance, International Trade, and Economic Theory.   
LABOUR UNION OFFICES Labour unions like NUPENG, NLC, NUT requires the services of an Economics graduate to handle their office administration procedures and coordination to foster good relationship between them and their employers, this is achieved based on reliable data prepared by an economist

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