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ZOOLOGY; so Animals too have Doctors.


            Zoology forms the science of Biology. Zoology as a field focuses the study of the Animals life. It is such a vast subject dealing with insects, birds naming or classification of forms and structure of Animals, and nature of Animal diseases. Scientist who takes career in Zoology is called Zoologist. Zoologist learns much about the habits of Animals by studying them at zoos. The Zoological Management also involves managing wildlife preserves, conducting expeditions, supervising laboratories and museum works focusing classifying Animals, Preparing exhibits and preserving specimens.  
1.      MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES; Graduates of Zoology are employed in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to act as animal scientist, implementing various government policies as regard acquisition, management and utilization of animals and animal related resources.
ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN:- Graduates of Zoology are employed at Zoological Gardens to see to acquisition of animals for zoos either through breeding programmes or through purchase from other zoos.
They also train zoom employees how to interact with and care for animals or very occasionally from wild.
3.      MUSEUMS:- Graduates of zoology works as Animal and Wildlife Education in Museums to create a range of materials that help visitors to understand the wildlife they are seeing.
4.      FEDERAL OR STATE MINISTRY OF HEALTH – Graduates of zoology can be employed by the ministry of health as environmental officer to join hand with other professional in protecting the environment.
They offer expert advice to the government and the general public on dangers associated with animals like insects and birds and how to avoid them.
5.      ANIMAL HUSBANDRY – Graduates of zoology can personally establish animal rearing outfit, keeping animals for growth and marketing to make money.
6.      RESEARCH INSTITUTES – Graduates of zoology can work in government agencies and research institutes, which have to do with animal production and management.
7.      LABORATORIES – Zoology graduates can take up career as a biomedical scientist and carry out in range of laboratory and scientific tests on animals to diagnose animal diseases and evaluate the effectiveness of treatments they also tries to isolate, identify and measure toxic substances or radiation and any harmful effect they found on animals.
8.      FOOD MANUFACTURING FIRMS:- Graduates of zoology can be employed by food processing firms to diagnose any animal to be used as a byproduct for safety before used and as well effectively markets their product with excellent product explanations.
9.      DRUG MANUFACTURING FIRMS – Drug Manufacturing Firm can employ zoology graduates as qualify control officer they conduct laboratory research for such firms to determine appropriate outcome at various production stages.
10.  SCIENCE WRITING – Graduates of zoology can become technical writer on science related issue, as a science journalist or information officer. They can write and publish in journals on various scientific issues such as development in molecular biology and biotechnology.
Furthermore they can write for online websites and get paid in dollars.

TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES – Graduates of zoology can take career in teaching biology in secondary or middle schools and by possessing higher degrees can be employed to teach in the specialized colleges or universities.

NOTE: It is worth noting that many employers accept application from graduates with any degree subject so don’t restrict your thinking to the jobs listed above.

COURSE REQUIREMENT – Five 0’level or equivalent credit passes in English language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry or Physics and any one of Agricultural science, Economics, Further Mathematics.

ZOOLOGY is a programme of study in the faculty of sciences. Duration lasts for 4 years, research positions demand higher degree.

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