Tuesday, 7 March 2017

OPTOMETRY ; Your Eyes Are Safe Here

Optometrists examine the eyes and other parts of the visual system, they also diagnose and treat visual problems and manage diseases, injuries and other disorders of the eyes.you can follow us here
       They prescribe eye glasses or contact lenses as needed.
Optometry deals with the study about the care of vision. It involves prescription of glasses and contact lenses worn by the people, specialist who take career in optometry are called OPTOMETRISTS.

Career Prospects
Government Hospitals:- Optometrists are employed in government hospitals to examine patients’ eyes, test their sight, give advice on visual problems and prescribe and fit spectacles or contact lenses when needed.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

ZOOLOGY; so Animals too have Doctors.


            Zoology forms the science of Biology. Zoology as a field focuses the study of the Animals life. It is such a vast subject dealing with insects, birds naming or classification of forms and structure of Animals, and nature of Animal diseases. Scientist who takes career in Zoology is called Zoologist. Zoologist learns much about the habits of Animals by studying them at zoos. The Zoological Management also involves managing wildlife preserves, conducting expeditions, supervising laboratories and museum works focusing classifying Animals, Preparing exhibits and preserving specimens.  
1.      MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES; Graduates of Zoology are employed in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to act as animal scientist, implementing various government policies as regard acquisition, management and utilization of animals and animal related resources.

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