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FINANCE; Leading To Prosperity

       Finance deals with the study of business of receiving; protecting and lending money, career in finance also involve filling sorting, recording, presenting and classifying assets, liabilities and interest of the owners.
       While a degree in accounting is meant to cover a diverse range of business functions across many industries, a finance degree takes a narrower approach; financial accounting serves the decision makers outside of the organization such as banks, government agencies, stockholders and suppliers.

Career Opportunity Areas
BANKS:- Graduates of finance can takes up career in banks using the mathematical aptitude and abilities and make positive contribution to continue the financial growth of banking industry.
  FINANCE HOUSES – Finance graduates can take up job in finance houses, dealing with corporate and international financial managements, personal financial planning and investment services, they are  mainly employed as Financial Analyst – they research a client’s or organizational financial status, including their history, risk tolerance and current expenditures and investments.
They make recommendation based on financial goals and business environment.

Finance graduates are employed by governments at various levels to take care of financial planning and management, they prepare ministries budget and ensure proper allocation and utilization of financial resources.
EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS – All educational Institution requires the services of finance experts to prepare departmental budgets, collect levies and fees and report to appropriate boards and ministries.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCILS(Finance Dept.) – The finance department of local government also requires the services of finance experts to ensure proper disbursement of fund and ensure proper monitoring of budgeted spending by the local government officials.
CONSULTING FIRMS – Graduates of finance works in consulting firm to provide all types of financial advice – from retirement savings to insurance protection to individuals and families with their excellent interpersonal skills; they spend most times meeting with clients and explaining their options.
       This is made possible because finance experts understand investments, taxes and estate planning issues.
GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND CORPORATIONS – Various government agencies, non – governmental organizations and corporation such as M.T.N. GLOBACOM, PHCN and a lot of others can employ the services of fiancé graduate since they must have to do with receiving and making payment and take some financial decisions.
       Graduates of fiancé can gainfully be employed to teach in secondary schools, colleges of education, colleges of technology, polytechnics and by possessing higher degree of Masters or Doctorate can secure teaching in the University.

Note: Finance is offered in the faculty of administration, some universities and polytechnics combine finance with banking while some combines it with accounting.
It usually last the duration of 4 years.

QUALIFYING SUBJECTS – Five (5) ‘0’ level subject credits passes in English language, Mathematics, Economics plus any 2 or 3 from Accounting, commerce, Business Method, Governments and Geography.
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