Friday, 6 January 2017

MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING; A course with the widest potential

              Mechatronics Engineering is a synergy of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Control Engineering.
         Those who take career in Mechatronics Engineering are called MECHATRONICS ENGINEERS. A mechatronics engineer unites the principle of mechanics, electronics and computing to generate a simpler, more economical and reliable system
         Application of mechatronics engineering system includes; automation and roboticus, servo-mechanics,
sensing and control system. Automotive system, in the design of sub-system such as anti-lock braking system, computer machine control, medical mechatronics, transportation and vehicular system, computer aided-design Engineering and manufacturing system
         Mechatronics is a course with widest potential in the engineering field, it gives versatility and flexibility
1.  POWER GENERATING FIRMS/INDUSTRY: - Mechatronics graduates can properly fit into areas where power generation is the main focus. They have knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems which is the hub of power generation
2.  OIL AND GAS INDUSTRIES:- Mechatronics graduates are needed in oil and gas industries for functions such as design, modeling and simulation, quality control, process control and automation.
3.  TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRIES:- Graduates of mechatronics can be employed in communication industries as service engineers, field engineers and customer service engineers.
4.  PRODUCTION COMPANIES:- Production and manufacturing companies using different kinds of machines for their production process need the service of mechatronics engineers to effectively handles the operations and maintenance of the machines.
    Food, drinks, beverages and assorted goods producing companies requires the services of mechatronics engineers.
5.   AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRIES:- Vehicles manufacturing, maintenance and assembly plants will require the services of mechatronics  engineers with their proper understanding of auto mechanical systems, they are found most suitable in the production and maintenance of vehicles.
6.  MILITARY:- Mechatronics engineers can get job in the military with their ability to operate sophisticated equipments and ability to handle their maintenance.
7.  TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN THE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES:- Mechatronics engineers can takes career in teaching either at polytechnic, colleges of technology or University contributing to the training of would be mechatronics engineers or related field.
    Mechatronics Engineering is a course of study under the faculty of engineering. Duration of the study takes five years.
QUALIFYING SUBJECTS are English language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry plus any of Further mathematics, Agric science, Geography or Biology.  

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