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MECHANICAL ENGINEERING:- you are wonderful



Mechanical Engineering deals with the production and use of mechanical power. Those who take career in mechanical Engineering are called Mechanical Engineers. Mechanical Engineers design, operate and test all kinds of machines. They design and build engines that produce power from stream, gasoline, nuclear energy and other sources. Mechanical Engineers also design and build special machines used in manufacturing processes. Specialized field of Mechanical Engineering in which any prospective mechanical Engineer can specialize include Aeronautical, Automotive, Industrial, and Heating and air conditioning.    
Career Prospects
Mechanical Engineering Graduates are sought by employers in almost all sectors of the engineering industry such as;
Transportation Firms/Companies – Graduates of Mechanical Engineering are employed by transportation firms to handle various aspects of their operations such as vehicles maintenance and repairs.

RAIL INDUSTRY: Mechanical Engineers designs, constructs, manage and maintain rail system components from trains and tracks to electrical power system and train control system.

METAL PRODUCING INDUSTRIES: Processing metals from ore to finished products is specially handled by mechanical engineers because they are well trained in metal processing from ore to finished products of different forms and types of metals.

MACHINERY PRODUCING FIRMS: Firms that specializes in producing different industrial machines like rice milling machine, block molding machines, farm implements will surely require the services of mechanical engineers to fix parts together to become a functioning equipment

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: Mechanical Engineers are employed to design, manufactures, distributes and market motor vehicles.

MINISTRY OF WORK AND HOUSING: Mechanical Engineers are needed to fill middle – level man – power needs at the ministry of works and housing to design, execute and supervise and evaluate various infrastructural projects carried out by the ministry.
CONSULTING FIRMS OF ENGINEERS – Many employers welcome mechanical engineering graduates for their high level numeracy and problem. Solving mentality especially IT companies and technical consultancies.

Government Corporations: Graduates of Mechanical Engineering are employed to government corporations like Water Corporations, Power Corporations, Telecommunication Industries

AEROSPACE INDUSTRY: Mechanical Engineer, researches, design, manufactures, operates and maintains aircraft.

OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY: Mechanical Engineers design equipment’s and machines that the offshore engineers and technicians depend on, such as pipelines, values and turbines, making sure that it is productive and safe to use.

          Mechanical Engineering Graduates can serve as subject teachers in Secondary Schools to teach Physics or Mathematics and by possessing higher degree can get lecturing appointment in the polytechnic or university.

NOTE: Mechanical Engineering is a course of study under the faculty of Engineering. Duration of the study takes 5 years.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Five ‘O’ Level/Equivalents subjects in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry plus any of Further Mathematics, Biology, Agricultural Science, Geography or Technical Drawing.

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