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LAW; We Defend The Right Course


Law deals with the study of the laid down Rules and Regulations, which the Government uses to regulate the conduct of the citizens, and to settle disputes among them.  These laid down rules and regulations are usually enforced by the Government through the police, courts and other agencies. Importance of law in the society is that it makes it possible for men to live together peacefully. Those who take career in law are called LAWYERS. The trial lawyers try cases in a court of law. Most lawyers spent a great deal of time in given advice on legal matters to individual or government. They draw up contracts (Agreements), wills, conveyance and other legal papers. They serve as executors and trustees. They also try to settle disputes without lawsuits.       
1. ACTIVIST, HUMAN RIGHTS: - As a trained lawyer you can be a Human Right activist or Advocate working in collaborations with Local, International human rights groups and agencies or Government Agencies

2. ATTORNEY: - A lawyer can serve as solicitor to Organizations, individual or even law firms in the court of law, through your established private law firm.

3. JUDGE/MAGISTRATE: - As a lawyer you can be appointed as a judge in either magistrate or state high court.
4. LEGAL PRACTITIONER: - As a career you can work as an as an Assistant or Paralegal in any organization like Law firms, NGOs. Another opportunity is to work as a Secretary in any Companies or Association.
5. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES: - As a practitioner you can work for the Federal government in an Enforcement agency like NAFDAC, NDLEA,  E .F. C .C and  so on.

  6. THE INVESTIGATOR/DETECTIVE/ADVICER: - As a lawyer you can gain an opportunity as a career to work in any security or enforcement agency like Police, Military, SSS, DSS and so on. As well as the Immigration, Customs, or even you can join the prison service as an Officer. So as advice any of Forces, in any issue or represent them in the court of law. If you are highly skilled in detecting crimes, you can start a private firm on detecting crimes. A Lawyer can advise Labor and Employment on the rights and obligations of employers, workers and union members; lawyers may advise management, labor or government on issues such as employment standards, workplace health and safety, and industrial relations.
7. DIPLOMAT: - A career in a Diplomatic mission is an opportunity for a Lawyer, if giving the chance to represent a government in its relations with other governments or international organizations.
8. COUNSELOR: As a career, governments can hire lawyers for advice on Legal matters and representation, these Lawyers can work in government ministries. A lawyer can as well directly be employed by the corporate organizations to work as Lawyer as in-house counsel to work for their company so as to advise them on legal matters relating to their business.
  9. THE FAMILY: - The Lawyer is highly needed to advice on the legal relationships between family members on issues in the family like; marriage contracts, divorce, child custody, adoption, wills and estate.
10. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: - As a career Lawyer can work on intellectual property that law protects ownership through copyrights, patents, trademarks and industrial design registrations.
11. On the interactions and relationships between nations, an international lawyer may be hired by national governments and international organizations, or Lawyers can be working in the private sector focusing on the interpretation of treaties and related laws. 

12. REAL ESTATE : which deals with the purchase, sale, financing and development of land and buildings; real estate lawyers may work for developers, tenants, investors, banks on matters relating to residential or commercial real estate .So on how to regulates the purchase and sale of financial instruments such as stocks and bonds.

13. TAX: - Is a term that deals with the taxes levied by different levels of government. Tax lawyers may advise corporations on tax strategies and implications of business transactions, or counsel individuals on matters such as legal wills and estate planning.

14. PUBLISHING: - A law degree can open doors in legal publishing, Specialist legal publishers which as to do with both print and online journals, often employ lawyers looking for a change or seek applications from candidates with a law degree. A good background in law nurtures good attention to detail, and gives the ability to write in a brief and good research skills – all these are useful attributes in publishing.

NOTE: - The study of   law usually last for 5 years, while direct entry for 4 years. After the course you will be entitled to have Degree Award of Bachelor of Law (L.L.B)

QUALIFYING SUBJECTS; are English Language, Literature in English, plus any 3 or 4 of Government, CRK/IRK, History,  Mathematics, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo,
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