Thursday, 29 December 2016

ANATOMY: Keeping The Body Strong

Anatomy is the study of the structure and function of the human body. During the course, students learn topics including human evolution, stem cell development, genetics and biodiversity and dissect a human body.
         Anatomy is the branch of biology concerned with the study of structure of organisms and their parts.         Human anatomy is one of the basic essentials sciences of medicine.
         The discipline of anatomy is divided into macroscopic and microscope anatomy, those who take career in anatomy are called ANATOMIST
         Graduates of anatomy can take up career in variety of places such as;

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

LAW; We Defend The Right Course


Law deals with the study of the laid down Rules and Regulations, which the Government uses to regulate the conduct of the citizens, and to settle disputes among them.  These laid down rules and regulations are usually enforced by the Government through the police, courts and other agencies. Importance of law in the society is that it makes it possible for men to live together peacefully. Those who take career in law are called LAWYERS. The trial lawyers try cases in a court of law. Most lawyers spent a great deal of time in given advice on legal matters to individual or government. They draw up contracts (Agreements), wills, conveyance and other legal papers. They serve as executors and trustees. They also try to settle disputes without lawsuits.       
1. ACTIVIST, HUMAN RIGHTS: - As a trained lawyer you can be a Human Right activist or Advocate working in collaborations with Local, International human rights groups and agencies or Government Agencies

Sunday, 11 December 2016

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING:- you are wonderful



Mechanical Engineering deals with the production and use of mechanical power. Those who take career in mechanical Engineering are called Mechanical Engineers. Mechanical Engineers design, operate and test all kinds of machines. They design and build engines that produce power from stream, gasoline, nuclear energy and other sources. Mechanical Engineers also design and build special machines used in manufacturing processes. Specialized field of Mechanical Engineering in which any prospective mechanical Engineer can specialize include Aeronautical, Automotive, Industrial, and Heating and air conditioning.    
Career Prospects
Mechanical Engineering Graduates are sought by employers in almost all sectors of the engineering industry such as;
Transportation Firms/Companies – Graduates of Mechanical Engineering are employed by transportation firms to handle various aspects of their operations such as vehicles maintenance and repairs.

RAIL INDUSTRY: Mechanical Engineers designs, constructs, manage and maintain rail system components from trains and tracks to electrical power system and train control system.

OCEANOGRAPHY (marine science) ; Simple But Very Good

            Oceanography is the study of science and mathematics to study and explain the complex interactions between seawater, the atmosphere and the biosphere.
They aim to understand and predict how the oceans works, as well as working out how to make the most efficient and sustainable use of its resources. Those who take career in Oceanography are called OCEANOGRAPHERS. Areas of specialization in Oceanography include Aquaculture, Biological Oceanography, Biotechnology, Fisheries resources, Marine, Geology/Geophysics, Physics and Chemical Oceanography.
Being an Oceanographer can involve in the career aspect areas like minerals exploitation, Shipping, Pollution, Weather prediction, Climate change and renewable energy.
1. MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT: - Graduates of Oceanography are employed in the ministry of environment to work as pollution officers, to handle pollution effects on the environment, they manage the  control  and maintenance of waste products to avoid pollution.

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