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POLITICAL SCIENCE; Making the system works

Political science deals with systematic study of political life of the people. The studies in political science involve Government, Political parties, pressure groups, International Relations and Public Administration.  Political Science also examines such fundamental values as Equity, Freedom, Justice and Power. Those who take career in Political Science are called Political Scientist. They develop useful materials for political training and education of citizens. They often participate in Government programmes as Advisers. They also do act as consultants to the legislators and or other public officials.

MINISTRY OF INTERNAL/EXTERNAL AFFAIRS – Graduates of Political Science by virtue of their knowledge of international relations and public administration are found useful in the various departments in the internal affairs such as customs service department, immigration service, prisons service, also they are attached as personal assistance to ambassadorial designate to foreign countries.
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GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS AND AGENCIES: Political Science Graduates are employed by various government corporations and agencies such as power holdings company in Nigeria, National Orientation Agencies INEC and similar organizations in other countries to handle various tasks for the smooth conduct of their assignments.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCILS:- Graduates of Political Science are massively employed in the local government council for various administrative and personnel functions and the usually rise to become director of administration or director of personnel.

ALL INDUSTRIAL FIRMS: Any industry that employs human beings as workers requires the service of political science graduates to manage their administrative or personnel department.

RESEARCH INSTITUTES: All research institutes that have something to do with politics economy, education, administration or personnel require the services of political science graduates. Such research Institutes include, Nigeria Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), Nigerian Educational Research Council (NERDC), Federal Institute of Industrial Research Institute (FIIR)

EMBASSY: Graduates of political science are employed and posted to embassies in various countries because of their rich international relations knowledge they are capable of liaising with different nationals on behalf of their country.

TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES – Graduates of Political Science can be employed to teach subjects such as government, social studies, civic education in secondary schools and by possessing higher qualification can be employed as lecturer in universities.

ADVISER: The Graduates of Political Science can be made advisers to government officials legislators and other public officials.

ACTIVE IN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS – One of the major popular career lines for political science graduates is politics in which you get to apply the skills and knowledge you have obtained during your study course. Political science give its graduates the necessary skills and knowledge to run for a government position as local or state level either as political campaign manager or office holder.

NOTE: Political Science is a programme of study under the faculty of social sciences duration of the programme is 4 years. some institution combine it with History or Administration.

QUALIFYING SUBJECTS – English Language, Economics, Government or History plus 2 or 3 from Arts, Social Science and other subjects.

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