Wednesday, 2 November 2016

POLITICAL SCIENCE; Making the system works

Political science deals with systematic study of political life of the people. The studies in political science involve Government, Political parties, pressure groups, International Relations and Public Administration.  Political Science also examines such fundamental values as Equity, Freedom, Justice and Power. Those who take career in Political Science are called Political Scientist. They develop useful materials for political training and education of citizens. They often participate in Government programmes as Advisers. They also do act as consultants to the legislators and or other public officials.

MINISTRY OF INTERNAL/EXTERNAL AFFAIRS – Graduates of Political Science by virtue of their knowledge of international relations and public administration are found useful in the various departments in the internal affairs such as customs service department, immigration service, prisons service, also they are attached as personal assistance to ambassadorial designate to foreign countries.
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BOTANY : Study of Plants is Our Business

Activities involved in the career           Botany is that branch of science that concerns itself with the sciences of the world of plan...