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STATISTICS; A Wonderful Career

Statistics is the study of the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and organization of data. Statisticians apply statistical thinking and methods to a wide variety of scientific, social and business endeavors in such areas as astronomy, biology, education, economic, engineering, genetics, marketing, medicine, psychology, public health, sports etc.
Statistics is a branch of mathematics. It simplifies masses of numbers and facts, and present those various numbers and fact in an understandable form. Those who take up career in Statistics are called Statisticians. The Statisticians concern themselves with findings solutions to problems in all sphere of life. They define any given problem, collect data and analyze them. Statisticians help to organize business and industrial facts. They uncover the principles and trends at work behind the facts. Advertising, finance, insurance, manufacturing, retailing and many other fields depend on the knowledge of statistics. The knowledge of statistics also helps the politicians to plan their electioneering campaigns and to form the basis of public opinion poll. Statisticians with their skill enhance good and factual policy formation, effective economic development, and population growth. The statistical knowledge is also used in empirical or research findings.             
1.      BANKS AND FINANCE HOUSES: Graduates of statistics are found useful in Banks and Finance industry because they deals with a large data analysis and policy formulation.
ALL RESEARCHES INSTITUTES: No research institute can function perfectly without properly data collection and analysis which is the main area of concentration of statistician such research institute in Nigeria include, NIHORT, NISER, IITA, ARMTI
3.      ALL GOVERNMENTS MINISTRIES: All government ministries weather at federal, state or local government level will require the service of statisticians, some even use to have statistics department.
4.      MINISTRY OF FINANCE: Which handles budget preparation, fund allocation and appropriations, all these functions cannot be performed effectively without the statistician working closely with accountants and other related professionals.
5.      ADVERTISING AND MARKETING FIRMS: For proper advertising to be rendered there is need for field study, survey and analysis of information to properly target the best market and achieve unlimited sales.
All these are achievable with the good knowledge of statistics possessed by statisticians.
6.      POPULATION COMMISSION: The population commission charge with the counting of the people residing in a particular country need the service of statisticians to effectively do their jobs, they collate large volume of data, analyses it which with assist the government in factual policy formulation, statisticians can simplifies masses of numbers and facts and present those various numbers and facts in understandable form.
7.      ELECTRORAL BODY: graduates of statistics can be employed by the agency charged to conduct election for the state because they handle a lot of data in collation, analysis and reporting. INEC = Independent National Electoral Commission in Nigeria and similar bodies in other countries do employ the services of statisticians.
8.      TEACHING AND RESEARCH: Graduates of statistics are employed in colleges, polytechnics and universities can be employed into train would be statistician
9.      FREELANCE OR ONLINE JOBS: Graduates of statistics can create jobs for themselves online by registering with online survey sites like www.inboxdollar.com   www.surveysavvy.com    www.getpaidtonight.com   and perform different survey jobs and get paid in dollars.
STATISTICS is a programme of study in the faculty of science, the programme take duration of 4yrs in conventional universities or polytechnics and 5yrs in the University of technology. Degree award of Bachelor of science (B.Sc) or Bachelor of Technology (B. tech Hons) is conferred at the expiration of the program
    Five ‘O’ level or equivalent to English language mathematics plus any 3 from Agricultural science, chemistry, Economics, Physics, Biology or geography
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