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Introduction: Geography is a field of study that investigates the earth as Man’s home. Experts in this field of study are called the Geographers. Geographers are interested in where people, plants and animals live and where rivers, lakes, mountains, cities and other natural and man-made geographic features are found.
They study why these features are there, and how these are interrelated. This field of study also involves areas such as urban, political, agricultural and economic geography of a country and the world at large.     
Please remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject so don’t restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here.
Graduates of geography can be employed by the federal, state or local government ministry of works and housing as planning and development surveyor, to give advice in all aspects.
Planning and development surveyor play a big role with the creation of sustainable development as they frequently work on affordable housing and urban and rural generation projects.
AS A CARTOGRAPHER – Cartographer is involved with the scientific technological and artistic aspects of developing and producing maps. Cartographer present complex information as diagrams, charts and spread sheets as well as in the form of conventional maps. Hence graduate of Geography with their knowledge of cartography finds work in publishing firms, map making firms, in the military, government or surveying firms.
3.      MINISTRY OF DEFENSE: Graduates of Geography are massive employed in the defense ministry to design maps, graphics, illustration and layouts.
They analyze and evaluate map able information, they equally liaise with external contacts such as surveyors and designers, regarding the supply of information. They also collate data provided by remote sensing techniques with sensors located satellites and aircraft
4.      MARKET RESEARCH DEPARTMENT FOR COMPANIES: Geography Graduates with their vast ability to collect data, analyze data and information for communication. Such information provided helps to make informed political, social and economic decision.
They help companies collect information on customer opinions, investment and marketing decision.
5.      PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING CORPORATIONS: Geography Graduate can be employed as town planners by property department and housing corporations to handle the development, regeneration and sustainability.
They are involved in the management and development of cities, town and villages and countryside. They develop creative and original planning solutions to satisfy their clients.
Graduates of Geography can take up teaching career in secondary school, colleges or university and advance in career gradually by going for further studies at the masters and doctorate levels, post graduate studies in high demand include; geographical information system, environmental management, oceanography, meteorology and water resources.

Geography is a course of study in the faculty of social science and the training takes four years duration leading to the degree award of Bachelor of Science ( Hons )
COURSE REQUIREMENTS; Five ‘O’ level or equivalent credit passes in English Language, Geography,

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