Wednesday, 26 October 2016

FISHERIES MANAGEMENT: Oh! I wish I had known you for long.

FISHERIES MANAGEMENT is a branch of Agricultural science and it focuses fish production. Fisheries management specifically deals with the practice of raising and rearing fishes in a conserved designated area of land and water, for meat, oil, bone and fish-meal. Expert who takes positions in fishery are called Fisheries Management Experts. These experts engage in fish farming, marketing, and processing. They also carry out consultancies in fish production and marine research. Also their works activities include site selection, establishment and maintenance of fish farms. Expert in fisheries also deal with the existing laws and regulations on fishing.     


ONLINE TRAINING: Graduates of fisheries management can create a website or blog with which he can be coaching peoples on the acts of fishing, such a website will hence be monetize to make money from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and promoting his own product like fish marketing  

FEDERAL OR STATE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE: This Ministry employs the services of fisheries management graduates to plan execute and monitor fish production project of the nation or state.
Agricultural Development Banks: Specialized Banks Devoted to Agriculture will require the service of fisheries management graduates in the evaluation of project finance, loan disbursement for fishing project and consultancy.

AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND TRAINING INSTITUTES like IITA requires the service of fish management experts to co-ordinate and execute research work for new finding and development.

FISH FARM: Fisheries Management Graduates can be self employed by establishing fish farm, rear fish and sell to make a lot of money.

COMPANIES INVOLVED IN FISH MARKETING, FREEZING AND CANNING. Graduates of fisheries management are employed by fish marketing, freezing and canning company because of their proper understanding of the characteristics, problems and benefits of fish, they are in best position to convince prospective buyer by proving to them the satisfaction they are to enjoy by purchasing a particular fish.

TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES: Graduates of Fisheries Management can be employed in colleges of agriculture, polytechnics and universities to train to be fisheries management specialists.

NOTE: This field is a programme of study in the faculty of agricultural sciences and faculty of sciences the Degree Award could be B.Agric., B.Sc., B.Tech depending on the training institution and the faculty of training, the course of study leading to a career in fishery takes a period of 5 years.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Five ‘O’Level/Equivalent subject in English Language, Mathematics, Biology or Agricultural Science, Chemistry plus any of Physics, Geography and Economics

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