Tuesday, 25 October 2016

CROP SCIENCE; Best To Study Now

          Crop production or crop science is a branch of Agriculture which deals with the production of crops which are of economic importance to man. This branch of Agricultural study assists increase in food production and continuous survival of man and animals. Those who take career in this field of study are referred to as Crop scientist. The crop scientist employs the knowledge of their training to examine those various factors such as weather, pests and diseases which usually affects the production of crops and they use the same skills to control such plant pests and diseases. They are also usually involved in the problems associated with soil composition, land slope, drainage and wearing away of the soil of a particular areas. They equally determine the production methods best suited each area so as to give high yield without weakening the soil.

Career opportunities
    MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE: Graduates of crop science can be      employed into the civil service by the ministry of agriculture either at the federal, state or local government levels.

AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND TRAINING INSTITUTION: Graduates of Crop Science may be offered lucrative employment opportunities at local or international agricultural research and training institutions of Tropical Agriculture, National Cereals Research Institutes (NIHORT) in Nigeria and similar organization world over.

AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT BANKS/FINANCE HOUSES: Graduates of Crop Science can be employed by banks that specialize in agricultural development for project assessment, monitoring and evaluation; they will be needed to recommend projects worth financing by such banks or otherwise.

CROP PLANTATIONS: Crop scientists are definitely required to provide leadership in farm management as agricultural consultants in crop plantations to achieve success.
They give advice on seeds, plant nutrients and integrated pest management.

PRIVATE FARMS:- A crop scientist can establish a private farms, grow it to make good income from by engage in large scale production and venturing into export crops or high in demand local consumable products or crops.
TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Graduates of Crop Science will easily fits in to teaching of Agricultural Science in Secondary School and by obtaining Higher Degree of Masters or Ph.D. can engage in lecturing at Colleges or Universities.

 COMPANIES: Employment opportunities for a crop scientist is not just a farm management, other opportunities exist with commercial companies such as sugar companies, tobacco companies, agricultural co-operative group, agricultural and food packaging companies.

DIVERSIFY: Any graduate of crops science like any other graduates that make good grade can easily diversify into any choice profession that he/she has passion for like graduate trainee in oil and gas, banking, auditing, information technology and journalism, business consulting and marketing.

NOTE: The programme of study takes duration of 5 years in the Faculty of Agricultural Science leading to the award of Bachelor’s Degree B.Sc. Hons, B. Agric or B. Agric Tech.

QUALIFYING SUBJECTS: Five ‘O’ Level/Equivalent credit passes in English, Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry plus any 2 of Geography, Economics and Physics.

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