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CHEMICAL ENGINERING: A sweet spot aspect of engineering

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: A sweet spot aspect of engineering
A sweet spot aspect of engineering is chemical engineering; I wonder the rush for other aspects of engineering at the expense of this very lucrative engineering course
            Chemical engineering deals with the chemical processes that change raw materials to useful products. Those who take career in Chemical engineering are called CHEMICAL ENGINEERS. Chemical engineers control large scale chemical process in manufacturing plant or industry, they control such processes and operations as distillation, crystallization, filtration, mixing, drying and crushing
1.     FERTILIZERS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES: - graduates of chemical engineering are employed in manufacturing plants with their deep knowledge of various chemical components that are put together to make the fertilizers.
2.     PLASTIC MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES: -Graduates of chemical engineering are in plastic industries due to their vast knowledge of raw materials such as coal, limestone, cellulose and molasses. And they equally study extensively the plastic processing methods as well as various products that can be got from plastic processing
3.     METALLURGICAL INDUSTRIES: - metallurgical is the science of extracting metals from their ores and preparing them for practical and commercial use. It equally
involves the refining of metals and manufacture of alloys for special purposes. All these are what a chemical engineering graduate studies extensively, hence his proper fitness into the industry.
4.     PHARMACEUTICALS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY: - graduates of chemical engineering find place in drug producing industry by virtue of various chemical process that their operations  have undergo before it is brought to fruition  
5.     PAINTS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY: - graduates of chemical engineering are highly needed in paints manufacturing industry because of their good knowledge of chemical combination and assessment
6.     CEMENT MANUFACTURING PLANTS: - This is another green area of job prospect for a graduate of chemical engineering, they have extensively studied the raw materials used in producing cement such as lime (calcium oxide) and clay, they also understand how proper chemical changes in their can result in
7.     LUBRICANTS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY: - Extraction of crude oil to its refining to obtain various products from it is part of knowledge possessed by a chemical engineering graduate; thus they are a good fit for this industry.
8.     SOAP MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES: - Soap is defined as a chemical compound or a mixture of chemical compound resulting from the reaction between fatty oils or fats and alkali’s.
          It is manufactured by introducing melted facts in an excess of sodium hydroxide solution and boiling the mixture a graduate of chemical engineering with proper understanding of all these chemical processes is an invaluable tool in the producing process of this product
9.        TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN THE UNIVERSITIES: - A graduate of chemical engineering can be employed as chemistry teacher in secondary school or by possessing high qualification be engaged in lecturing in the polytechnic or University.
Others are
Explosive manufacturing industry
Electronics manufacturing industry etc.
N.B. Chemical Engineers can work in endless number of places.

COURSE REQIREMENTS: 5 ‘O’ Level or equivalent credit passes in English language, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics plus any one or two from Biology, Agricultural science, Further Mathematics, Geography and Technical Drawing similar to Mechanical Engineering

Ø The Programme of study lasts duration of 5 years with the honors degree award of Bachelors of Engineering (B.Eng.) or Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech.) in the faculty of Engineering or Technology.

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