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BIOCHEMISTRY; I Like This Course

Biochemistry is concerned with the study of chemical substances and processes in living things. Biochemistry as a field that combines the knowledge of living processes studied by biologist with knowledge of substances and processes studied by chemists. It focuses the study of substances and processes in human body. Biochemistry is often also called BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY or PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY. Any person who takes up career in Biochemistry is called BIOCHEMIST. A biochemist studies man, plants and animals. Knowledge of this field of study exposes the chemicals plants and animals must have in order to exist.   

Career Opportunities Areas:
A biochemistry degree opens up a range of highly skilled careers that incorporate aspects of both biology and medicine such as in;
1.   HOSPITALS:- Graduates of biochemistry are employed in hospitals as healthcare scientist specializing in clinical biochemistry. Here they will analyse samples. Taken from patients’ blood, urine or other bodily fluids to help with the diagnosis, management and treatment of diseases.
Hence they advise clinical staff on the correct use of tests and any necessary follow up investigations
RESEARCH INSTITUTES: Graduates of biochemistry are employed in research institutes and they are primarily involved in planning and conducting experiments and analyzing results either with a define end use for example to develop new products, process or commercial applications or to broaden scientific understanding in general.
3.   TEACHING IN UNIVERSITIES OR COLLEGES:- A graduate of Biochemistry can study further to obtain degree of masters or Ph.D to qualify him/her to teach in polytechnics or university.
4.   SCIENCE WRITER:- Graduates of Biochemistry can choose to be a freelance (online) or offline writer for publisher of science textbook also they can choose to write online with sites such as fiver.com freelancer.com  upwork.com  iwriter.com and get paid in dollars.
5.   CHEMICAL FIRMS/INDUSTRIES:- Industries specializing in production of chemical requires the services of biochemistry. They are to execute their various production line stages and access materials input with the aim of achieving best output products.
6.   DRUG MANUFACTURING FIRMS:- Graduates of biochemistry are needed by drug manufacturing firms at various stages from material selection through production to marketing.
7.   FOOD PROCESSING FIRMS:- Organizations engaged in food processing either can food or bagged food will definitely require the services of biochemist to properly handle the production process and most especially to achieve proper preservation and avoid decay.
8.   MINISTRY OF HEALTH:- A graduate of biochemistry can be employed by the federal or state ministry of health as health and safety inspectors to monitor various health regulations in the country or state.
NOTE: Biochemistry lasts for a period of 4/5 years, (B.Sc Hons) (B.Tech Hon) (B.Ch.) is awarded at the expiration of the programme. Biochemistry is offered in the faculties of sciences, medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

Five ‘O’Level / Equivalent subject, to include English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics

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