Wednesday, 26 October 2016

FISHERIES MANAGEMENT: Oh! I wish I had known you for long.

FISHERIES MANAGEMENT is a branch of Agricultural science and it focuses fish production. Fisheries management specifically deals with the practice of raising and rearing fishes in a conserved designated area of land and water, for meat, oil, bone and fish-meal. Expert who takes positions in fishery are called Fisheries Management Experts. These experts engage in fish farming, marketing, and processing. They also carry out consultancies in fish production and marine research. Also their works activities include site selection, establishment and maintenance of fish farms. Expert in fisheries also deal with the existing laws and regulations on fishing.     


ONLINE TRAINING: Graduates of fisheries management can create a website or blog with which he can be coaching peoples on the acts of fishing, such a website will hence be monetize to make money from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and promoting his own product like fish marketing  

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

BIOCHEMISTRY; I Like This Course

Biochemistry is concerned with the study of chemical substances and processes in living things. Biochemistry as a field that combines the knowledge of living processes studied by biologist with knowledge of substances and processes studied by chemists. It focuses the study of substances and processes in human body. Biochemistry is often also called BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY or PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY. Any person who takes up career in Biochemistry is called BIOCHEMIST. A biochemist studies man, plants and animals. Knowledge of this field of study exposes the chemicals plants and animals must have in order to exist.   

Career Opportunities Areas:
A biochemistry degree opens up a range of highly skilled careers that incorporate aspects of both biology and medicine such as in;
1.   HOSPITALS:- Graduates of biochemistry are employed in hospitals as healthcare scientist specializing in clinical biochemistry. Here they will analyse samples. Taken from patients’ blood, urine or other bodily fluids to help with the diagnosis, management and treatment of diseases.
Hence they advise clinical staff on the correct use of tests and any necessary follow up investigations

CROP SCIENCE; Best To Study Now

          Crop production or crop science is a branch of Agriculture which deals with the production of crops which are of economic importance to man. This branch of Agricultural study assists increase in food production and continuous survival of man and animals. Those who take career in this field of study are referred to as Crop scientist. The crop scientist employs the knowledge of their training to examine those various factors such as weather, pests and diseases which usually affects the production of crops and they use the same skills to control such plant pests and diseases. They are also usually involved in the problems associated with soil composition, land slope, drainage and wearing away of the soil of a particular areas. They equally determine the production methods best suited each area so as to give high yield without weakening the soil.

Career opportunities
    MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE: Graduates of crop science can be      employed into the civil service by the ministry of agriculture either at the federal, state or local government levels.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

MICROBIOLOGY: - What a versatile career

Microbiology deals with the study of microscopic organisms which include Algae, Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses and Yeast which are sometimes called microbes because they cannot be seen without a microscope.
The specialist who takes career in the field are called Microbiologist. Microbiologist studies the relationship between microscopic organisms (microbes) and man, animal and plant. Areas of study in microbiology include Medical microbiology which investigate roles of microorganism in human and animal diseases and seek the means to prevent and cure them. Dental microbiology which investigate microorganism found in the mouth and their role in tooth decay. Industrial microbiology which focuses the use of microorganisms to produce such product like Alcoholic beverages, amino-acid, anti-biotics, citric acid and vitamin C. Agricultural microbiology studies plant diseases, the role microorganisms in soil fertility and spoilage of farm product   
Introduction: as in career guide
Microbiology work in almost every industry and have many different responsibilities, microbiologist find jobs in many places like research and development laboratories of government and private hospitals, research organization, pharmaceutical, food, beverages and chemical company.
1.     Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Agricultural microbiologist are employed in the ministry of agriculture because they studied plant diseases, the role of microorganisms in soil fertility and spoilage of farm products hence they serve the general public in their prevention and core.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

STATISTICS; A Wonderful Career

Statistics is the study of the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and organization of data. Statisticians apply statistical thinking and methods to a wide variety of scientific, social and business endeavors in such areas as astronomy, biology, education, economic, engineering, genetics, marketing, medicine, psychology, public health, sports etc.
Statistics is a branch of mathematics. It simplifies masses of numbers and facts, and present those various numbers and fact in an understandable form. Those who take up career in Statistics are called Statisticians. The Statisticians concern themselves with findings solutions to problems in all sphere of life. They define any given problem, collect data and analyze them. Statisticians help to organize business and industrial facts. They uncover the principles and trends at work behind the facts. Advertising, finance, insurance, manufacturing, retailing and many other fields depend on the knowledge of statistics. The knowledge of statistics also helps the politicians to plan their electioneering campaigns and to form the basis of public opinion poll. Statisticians with their skill enhance good and factual policy formation, effective economic development, and population growth. The statistical knowledge is also used in empirical or research findings.             
1.      BANKS AND FINANCE HOUSES: Graduates of statistics are found useful in Banks and Finance industry because they deals with a large data analysis and policy formulation.

Monday, 17 October 2016


Introduction: Geography is a field of study that investigates the earth as Man’s home. Experts in this field of study are called the Geographers. Geographers are interested in where people, plants and animals live and where rivers, lakes, mountains, cities and other natural and man-made geographic features are found.
They study why these features are there, and how these are interrelated. This field of study also involves areas such as urban, political, agricultural and economic geography of a country and the world at large.     
Please remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject so don’t restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here.
Graduates of geography can be employed by the federal, state or local government ministry of works and housing as planning and development surveyor, to give advice in all aspects.
Planning and development surveyor play a big role with the creation of sustainable development as they frequently work on affordable housing and urban and rural generation projects.

Monday, 3 October 2016

CHEMICAL ENGINERING: A sweet spot aspect of engineering

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: A sweet spot aspect of engineering
A sweet spot aspect of engineering is chemical engineering; I wonder the rush for other aspects of engineering at the expense of this very lucrative engineering course
            Chemical engineering deals with the chemical processes that change raw materials to useful products. Those who take career in Chemical engineering are called CHEMICAL ENGINEERS. Chemical engineers control large scale chemical process in manufacturing plant or industry, they control such processes and operations as distillation, crystallization, filtration, mixing, drying and crushing
1.     FERTILIZERS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES: - graduates of chemical engineering are employed in manufacturing plants with their deep knowledge of various chemical components that are put together to make the fertilizers.
2.     PLASTIC MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES: -Graduates of chemical engineering are in plastic industries due to their vast knowledge of raw materials such as coal, limestone, cellulose and molasses. And they equally study extensively the plastic processing methods as well as various products that can be got from plastic processing
3.     METALLURGICAL INDUSTRIES: - metallurgical is the science of extracting metals from their ores and preparing them for practical and commercial use. It equally

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