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Why do young men and ladies overlook what is capable of making them somebody in life?
Linguistic as a course of study focus the scientific study of language.  Those who take career in linguistics are called linguist. The linguist try to answer questions about language such as why there are different languages and why words mean what they mean.
   Linguistic studies also involves gathering data or information, propounding theories and testing them to establish facts that provide answer to questions raised about certain language.

Linguistic as a field of study has helped to improve methods of teaching foreign languages in our educational institutions.
Having define linguistics, let us look at some of the jobs available for its graduates
GOVERNMENT MINISTRIES: Graduates of linguistics can be employed to work in any of the government ministries and agencies such as Ministries of education, arts and culture, internal affairs and external affairs
MEDIA HOUSES: Linguistics graduates can be employed in media houses such as radio and television to put news and programme together. They write and edit news; they equally write programme scripts and moderate its presentation
EMBASSY: Graduates of linguistics are found useful in the embassy where people of different personalities transact business and they need to have languages translated for proper understanding
PUBLISHING FIRMS: Books, journals, magazines and online publishers need the services of linguistics graduates for writing and editing works   
ADVERTISING FIRMS: Multimedia organizations that handle advertising of any forms will definitely needs the service of professional language experts for quality work delivery.
TEACHING: Graduates of linguistics are well trained and qualified to teach in secondary, technical and science schools also by obtaining higher degree of Masters or PhD they can secure lecturing appointment in higher institutions
LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Linguistic graduates can be employed as information officer in the information department of local governments
ONLINE JOBS: Linguistic graduates can work as freelancer online doing translation, writing, editing, and proofreading on sites like,, and and get paid in dollars.
COURSE REQUIREMENTS:  Anybody aspiring to study linguistics as a course of study in the university is expected to have five ‘O’ level credits or equivalent in English Language, Literature in English, one local language and any other two credits from arts or social science subjects.
          The course is a programme in the faculty of art with four years duration leading to the award of Bachelors of Art (B.A Hon) degree

          If you can be dedicated, determined, smart and hardworking your success is guaranteed!  

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