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History focuses the study of the past records to explain the present events, situations, ideology and institutions. Those who take career in history are called Historians. The historians   are always involved in historical researches for the sake of the light it can shed upon problems of our own time. They give more attention to the development of the arts and sciences. Historians as writers always deals with the subjects or themes which interest the age in which the write. In other words, they examine subjects such as politics, war, economics, social, industry and cultural matters. They help to evaluate the beliefs that are held today by the people and also help other people build and broaden their own point of view and outlook on the world. A good historian uses his knowledge to help win support for a particular political regime of the present day. The knowledge of history is also used to win support for a particular religion or to overcome it, and to show the advantages or disadvantages of existing economic practices  
Other allied courses offered with history include: History and Archeology, History and Political science, History and diplomacy, History and International studies, History and Diplomatic Studies
1.    GOVERNMENT MINISTRIES; The graduates of history and allied courses are found useful in all government ministries with no exception. They fill up the administrative cadre   in information and orientation departments.
GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS AND AGENCIES: Graduates of History and allied courses are found useful in corporations and agencies such as NOA (National Orientation Agency) in Nigeria and similar institutions in other countries, similarly historians’ get jobs in museum, cultural center libraries and achieves.
3.    PUBLISHING FIRMS: Graduates of history and allied courses are dearly needed in books, news, magazines, journal and online publishing firms to develop, write and edit write ups for them.
4.    POLITICAL ADVISER: By virtue of their knowledge of political history and implications, graduates of history are employed as political advisers to government at various levels
5.    TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES: Graduates of history and allied courses are well trained and qualified to teach in secondary, high school or colleges. Also by possessing higher degree of masters or PhD they could be employed as lecturer in either college of Education or University
6.     FREELANCE OR ONLINE JOBS: Historians are good writers in subjects like politics, war, economics, industries and cultural matter, thus they can make money by writing on online sites like fiverr.com, freelancer.com, upwork.com, iwriter.com and get paid in dollar.
COURSE REQUIREMENTS:  Five ‘O’ level or equivalent credit passes in English Language, History or Government plus any other 3 credits from art or social science subjects.

HISTORY is a programme of study in the faculty of Arts with four years duration leading to the award of Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons ) degree

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