Thursday, 22 September 2016


I recently discovered a course that any serious person that choose it can create a passive residual income with.
Estate Management as a course prepares you for work in the property sector; it also equips the recipients with highly desirable and transferable commerce and business skills  
        Estate Management deals with the management of landed property. It also focuses the development and evaluation of land and the property on a piece of land such as home or factory. Estate Management as a field of study also involves some aspect of urban and regional planning. Any person who takes career in Estate Management is referred to as Estate Manager. An Estate Manager is familiar with the existing laws and regulation on land use, Land planning, Land reforms and Land settlement, including tax payable on landed property.
  An Estate Manager do act as an agent of a principal who engages his services may be for the marketing and sale of property e.g land, house, factory e.t.c or to buy one of the property, or to find a tenant for a land, hose or factory.
1.  Ministry of works, housing or environment: Graduates of Estate Management are employed in the ministries of work, housing or environment as housing manager or officer or town planner to manage housing projects across the state or country.
2.  Property Development and housing corporations; These organizations employs the services of Estate Management graduates as Housing Managers for their services of property development and management of letting, leasing or sales of landed and housing properties     
3.  ESTATE MANAGEMENT FIRMS: Property firms with interest in building surveying, corporate property and investment planning and development house builders and housing associations all have work for estate management graduates
4.  LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCILS: Graduates of Estate Management are employed by the local government to manage the physical planning department, they are appointed director of planning
5.  PRIVATE PRACTISE: Self-employment is also a possibility for those with experience involving activities related to commercial, industrial, residential or agricultural property or to land management and production. This is where the real pie of the course is eaten, by establishing a private estate management firm, there comes contracts of project management which will continue to bring profits in form of commission consistently.  
6.  TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN COLLEGES, POLYTECHNICS AND UNIVERSITIES: Graduates of Estate Management to teach in the colleges of Technology, Polytechnics or University to train to be Estate Managers.
7.  ESTATE BLOG OR WEBSITE OWNERS: Graduates of Estate Management can make cool money by creating a blog or website to promote their business and monetize it with paid advert for those who have properties to sell or paid-per-click advert by Google AdSense or Affiliate marketing of selling land and buildings on behalf of their owners and make money.
Ø Estate Management is a programme of study in the faculty of Engineering, Technology or Environment. Course work leading to career in Estate Management usually last for a period of 4 or 5 years.
Ø COURSE REQUIREMENTS : Five ‘O’ level or Equivalent credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry plus any one of Geography, Physics or Biology  

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Unknown said...

Even if one is not an estate management graduate, he can't still open a blog or website on estate management and monetize it. I got an idea from reading this.

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