Monday, 12 September 2016


          Many young school leavers are glued to the concept of venturing into medicine, law or accounting for higher studies. But amazingly there are lots of other courses that are hot cake in the job market despite the economic recession, one of such is ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH TECHNOLOGY
          This is the field of science that study how the environment influences human health and disease. ‘Environment’ in this context means things in the natural environment like air, water and soil also included are all physical, chemical, biological and social features of our surroundings.
          Environmental Health is design to develop students in the broad range of skills necessary for protecting our environment and for protecting the health of the people within it.
   The programme is multidisciplinary covering a wide range of biological, technological, Legal and administrative subjects.
 JOB DUTIES: Environmental Health Technologist ensure compliance with environmental laws, properly manage hazardous wastes, conduct sampling and analysis of environmental media and waste, perform health and safety audit and inspections, they also perform other functions to protect health and environment, they are commonly referred to as ; (a) Environmental compliance officer
                           (b) Industrial Hygiene officer
                        (c) Health and safety officer
                       (d) Environmental sampling officer
FOOD PROCESSING COMPANY: Graduates of Environmental Health are hot cakes in the food processing industry; they serve as industrial hygiene officer to handle the environment quality control of the production process.
BREWRIES AND BEVERAGES INDUSTRIES: These industries production cannot be divorced from issues associated with air pollution or water pollution therefore the service of Environmental Health officer is needed to serve as Environmental compliance officer to advice the companies where necessary and to liaise with environment related offices on behalf of the organization.
GOVERNMENT CORPORATION AND AGENCIES: Agencies like NAFDAC (National Agency for food Drugs Administration and Control) in Nigeria and similar organizations in other countries majorly features the graduates of Environmental Health officers to serve as Environmental Sampling Technologist for any drug and food products to be approved for people’s consumption.
GOVERNMENT MINISTRIES: Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health and some others requires the services of Environmental Health officers
LOCAL GOVERNMENTS: Local governments do employ the service of Environmental Health Technologist as Waste Management Officers to supervise the collection and disposal of environmental waste.   
CONSULTANCY: An experienced Environmental Health Practitioner can venture into consultancy services; rendering such services like waste evacuation, fumigation, borehole processing e.t.c.
COURSE REQUIREMENTS: 5 O level credit passes in English Language, Chemistry, Biology or Health science, Mathematics and physics.
The course is offered in the colleges of Health Science and Technology
Or Schools of Hygiene.

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