Thursday, 22 September 2016

DEMOGRAPHY; Lucrative Yet Less Competitive

INTRODUCTION: Demography deals with the study of human population. Those who take up career in demography are called DEMOGRAPPHERS. They study the composition, distribution, changes and movement in the population. They analyze trends in population and relationship of a country’s population to its standard of living. Demographers measure population change by birth rates, death rates, and migration. They also try to examine characteristics of population such as sex, life span and life expectancy.

CAREER OPPOURTUNITIES: - Skill of Demographers is quite essential and their demand in the labour market is very
1.    Government Agencies :- Graduates of Demographers are found useful in government Agencies such as federal institute of social and Economic Research (NISER) and similar government agencies
  NATIONAL POPULATION CENCUS: - Graduates of Demography are employed by Natural Population commission in Nigeria and Similar organization in other countries saddled with the responsibility of conducting census for the country
3.    INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS such as World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Organization (UNO) UNICEF etc. requires the service of Demography Graduates for their operations
4.    MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS: - Demographers are highly needed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs to co-ordinate, evaluate and analyze various statics about people living in a particular country.
5.    IMMIGERATION OFFICE: By their vast knowledge of population, Demographers are employed at the immigrations office to handle record of movement of  people in and out of the country
6.    FREELANCE JOBS: - Graduate of Demography with their adequate knowledge of population can perform survey jobs online by  registering with survey sites like:  , , ,  and receive their pat for such services in dollars.
7.    TEACHING AND RESERCH IN THE UNIVERSITY: - by obtaining higher degree in the profession they can be employed to lecture in the University to train the Demographers to be.
COURSE REQUIREMENTS:  Five ‘O’ level credits in English Language, Mathematics, Economics, Geography and any two of Government, Biology, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Agricultural Science
N.B       Demographers is a programme of study in the faculty of Social Science leading to the degree award of Bachelors of Science ( Hons) and the Duration of course usually last 4 years

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